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In Singapore, Maids commonly came from Philippines and Indonesia

First time maid must be 23 years old or above and below 50 years old

If Worked in Singapore before, must be aged 18 or above, and below 50 years old

She must pass a Ministry of Manpower stipulated test and attend the compulsory Safety Awareness Course within three days in Singapore.

Within 14 days of the worker's arrival, the maid must undergo a medical examination and be certified fit by a Singapore registered doctor

The Contract is two years

Employer must pay a foreign domestic worker levy of S$265 (normal) or S$170 (concessionary) per month

First-time employers are required to attend the compulsory Employers Orientation Program (online or class room)

Maid can enter Singapore only after the employer has obtained an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter or 'Letter of Notification to bring the maid into Singapore

Baring from unforeseen circumstances, the entire selection and application process takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the maid to arrive in Singapore. Therefore, if you are moving to Singapore, you should factor in the time if you want the maid arrives about the same time as your family.